Gabby’s July Challenge: Starting From Scratch

It’s funny how things work. Last month I thought I would be living with my boyfriend by now. But I had a funny feeling it wouldn’t be happening just yet. And it’s kind of nice because I didn’t feel totally prepared anyway.

Turns out my roommate couldn’t find a place in time that was suitable to live in (and I don’t blame her—renting in Toronto is expensive, even for a place that’s not that great).

My boyfriend and I now have just over half a month to buy anything we need to get settled in. The other day we made a list, and I was surprised at how few things we need to buy! I estimated we’d probably have to spend around $5,000, but it’s looking more like $2,000. Split that in half and we’re only paying a grand each. AWESOME.

Of course, $2,000 is just a ballpark price. I’d say with all the loose ends we’re not remembering, we’re probably going to have to spend around $3,000, just to be safe.

Here’s our list and guess at what each item is going to cost:



Cooking Utensils (Knives, etc.)

Dish Rack

Pots + Pans

Plates + Bowls

All in all, it’s not that bad. And I can’t wait to start making a home of my own with him! This is going to be such an exciting time for us. Talk about making mo’ progress!

For my August challenge, I’m going to start purchasing what I can, and trying to find the best deals possible! By September, I think we’ll have most, or all, of what we wanted to buy. And then I’ll have more than just a toaster and a kettle to my name.


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