My March challenge was to try my hand at couponing. Unfortunately, I don’t get many coupons where I live, so I decided to scour flyers for deals instead. When I received a flyer for my local grocery store in the mail, I was really excited to flip through the pages and finally try my hand at shopping for deals.

My first thought: This is awesome! Why doesn’t everybody do this?? I went to the store, flyer armed in hand, and began to search for the items I needed. Strolling around with my cart, I began to realize something… Just because orange juice is on sale, doesn’t mean I need it. Just because bread is 2 for 1, doesn’t mean I want it. There was something happening here, and I didn’t like it. Flyer shopping made me suddenly want to buy everything that was on sale, whether or not I planned to get it in the first place! Thankfully, my logic kicked in and I bought way less than I imagined I would. I tried really hard to only pick up things I needed that were also on sale. Okay, so maybe I didn’t need 3 mangoes for $2, but they were damn good. No regrets.

The Moral of the Story: Shopping for deals is awesome. I did get some things I needed at low prices that I wouldn’t have bought if I didn’t look through the flyer. But the trick is to by only what you came in planning to buy– it’s easy to get sucked in. Don’t let low prices get the better of you. Stick to a list and remember that a deal is only a deal if it’s something you really need.

For my April challenge, I’ll be learning how to finally do my taxes! How hard can it really be?

Keep it real,

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