Gwen's January Challenge: 30 Days of No Desktop-Dining

Hello friends!

I hope you’re 2018 is off to an amazing start.

My January Mo’ Money, Mo’ Progress challenge was device-free meals.

I wanted to start the year off focusing on presence at meals times. Truthfully, I was also tired of spilling quinoa on my keyboard during sad desk lunches, barely looking down at my food while eating dinners, and coming to the end of the meal curious if I had even chewed (or simply inhaled).

As this had been low-key bothering me for months, it was time to make it into a 30-day challenge. So the challenge was simple: no watching screens while eating.

As it turns out, I’m not alone in my desk lunches and dinners. According to the New York Times 62% of professionals say they typically eat lunch at their desks (aka ‘desktop dining.’)   

The results: I had a 100% screen-free eating score at lunch. Let me tell you, it was glorious! During my work lunches, I forced myself out of my comfort zone and booked lunches with colleagues and made new connections, or joined different lunch-time personal development meetings to take my eyes off the screen.

Dinners were a little different. At first I started the month strong. In fact, my first night I told my boyfriend what I wanted to do and we ended up cooking for the first time together in months and really enjoyed eating together without a screen in the way. We kept up device-free dinner for quite some time, though towards the end of the month I cracked. I was so exhausted at dinner times it was just easier to sit down and watch an episode of Shark Tank rather than talk it out.

Going forward I want to continue having screen-free lunch (literally all year). For dinners, I’m going to aim towards device-free eating, though I understand that a couple times a week I’ll simply want to sit and eat all the things while watching TV. I’ll accept it.

My February challenge is 30 days of self-love/self-kindness meditations. With some added pressures this month of teaching an online course, taking an online course and creating online courses… my brain is at max capacity all the time. So I’m definitely in need of some self love and compassion!

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