Karyn’s October Challenge: Back to Basics

With all of the big changes happening in my life, I found myself slipping into that toasty coma of procrastination. I had all but stopped my usual routines and just opted to space out and watch Netflix. This was an unacceptable turn of events. I refused to go down this road and become unproductive. October was my chance to change all of that! So how was I going to do it? By making a GAWD DANG LIST SUCKAAAAA!!!

Here is my list:

  1. Go to the gym every morning for at least 30 min
  2. Post to Instagram every day
  3. Edit pictures in Canva once a week
  4. Go to Krav Maga 4-5 times per week
  5. Go to Muay Thai at least once a week

Though it may not seem that intense, I saw it as a life-altering challenge. As someone who felt like they were sleepwalking through life, this was going to jolt me awake and help me get back on track.

To keep myself on target I wrote what I accomplished in a notebook each day. It kept me focused on my goals and helped me refine anything that wasn’t working.

oct 2 - 6

oct 7 - 13

oct 14 - 20

oct 21 - 27

For example, I originally wanted to work out EVERY morning and then go to Krav/Muay Thai every night. I found that this wasn’t entirely sustainable as my body started to take longer and longer to heal. So instead of just giving up, I just compressed my goals into something more manageable. I chose to do morning workouts with a colleague every Wednesday and Friday for at least 30 minutes.

No more ouching around!

My track record wasn’t perfect, I did feel myself making progress and that to me was a win! This challenge has got me all laser-focused again and feeling like my old self. I want to keep this ball rollin’, so for my November Challenge I’ve decided it’s going to be the month of ORGANIZATION!

I will be organizing my financial goals, my sleeping pattern (‘tis all over the place) and my giant mess of a storage locker. I’m going to be tracking myself, just like I did for October as it kept my goals clear.

Wish me luck!


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