Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Roommates. We’ve all had them at one point or another. Either you’ve bunked with your siblings while growing up or crashed with a pal during your college/university years. For me, I’ve had MANY different roomies. Growing up it was #TheSisterpack that shared a space together, but once I got to uni I was able to live on my own… for about five minutes and then I had to get some roomies because living in downtown Toronto is NOT cheap.


For the past few years my roommates have consisted of me, my boyfriend and another guy. Currently it is my S/O’s college friend and before that it was our mutual friend from back home (THA BEAV!). As a person who has had roommates her whole life (minus two interesting years) I’ve found living with guys to be quite awesome. Sure there’s less drama than living with the ladies (my sisters excluded), but it also seems to have become a cheaper option for me.


Living with two guys has made me realize how much I am saving, not because I’m splitting rent three ways (though that is magical), but because they actually stop me from frivolously spending.

Not anymore…

The guys I live with are super chill, and by super chill I mean we don’t go out much. This suits me perfectly because I’m a homebody and leaving my house to do stuff is just not my jam. When we do go out to a movie or to grab dinner, it makes the outing all the more special and momentous.


They’ve also taught me to enjoy the things you have and not get super worked up about just having stuff. Sure, they’ll buy their games on Steam and get a new DLC when it comes out, but other than these purchases my roomies don’t buy much else.


My boyfriend isn’t one to splurge, but when it comes to his computer he takes pride in it. Recently he was able to upgrade his PC, but not after shopping for the best deals and waiting until everything fell into place. Watching these guys be meticulous when it came to their purchasing decisions really stuck with me.


At my last job I worked with people who would buy hoards of shoes just because they could. It’s hard not to get caught up in that kind of frenzy and I found myself buying clothes that I neither wanted nor needed.


After going shopping with the guys I found that they would drop some cash on clothes, but only on things that they needed and truly liked. Living with these guys has changed some aspect of how I’ve been spending my money, and I’m sure some of my #financiallyfab ways are rubbing off on them, too.

My emotions…

This just goes to show you that your roommates do have a very big impact on your life, finances included. Make sure you are aware of what they are affecting and if it’s positive or negative. Sure, your roomies may be “the best”, but if they keep making you pay for dinner, complaining when you don’t go out with them, or getting you to splurge on things you really don’t need, maybe it’s time to live solo for a bit… or get some new roommates.

… just food for thought


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