Spontaneous Fun

I like to plan things, no surprise there. I plan what I’m going to buy, I plan what I’m going to eat (even if it’s pizza), and I plan my fun in advance as well. I plan so that I can make sure I can get the best deal for what I’m spending my money on. This means that there isn’t much spontaneity in my life (shocker). I like routine and it keeps me sane. No surprises means no surprise costs.


Well, that all went out the window when I bought tickets for a Marilyn Manson/Slipknot concert less than two hours before it started!


Yep, I bought majorly last-minute tickets that probably cost more than if I had bought them when they first went on sale and because I didn’t plan on going to the show, I ended up spending $12 on a bottle of water and a slice of pizza. Dinner of champions, I must say.


This incredibly rare moment for me ended up in an amazing night. I was able to see bands live that I have loved for more than 10 years! It was beyond fantastic and seriously worth every penny.


Sometimes you have to just say, “Let’s get crazy today,” and do something a little wild. You never know what could happen (like Marilyn Manson singing Beautiful People right in front of you!)


And if you don’t believe me, here is a taste of my snapchat story of that night!





What will your spontaneous moment be?


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