Stepping My Game Up: Karyn's December Challenge

You’ve probably read some of the other posts by the Sisterpack about negotiating salary. And it was recently my turn to put on my big girl boots and talk to my bosses.

My December Challenge was to discuss my job performance with my managers and whether I deserve a raise. This was difficult for me as I have never had to talk money before. What made it even more of a tricky situation was that my managers were going to be dealing with the minimum wage increase in January, so asking for more money was kind of a big deal.

I made sure that I was prepared before the meeting. I detailed everything that I did as a Operations Supervisor and wrote it down, sparing no detail—nothing was unimportant. After detailing all my duties and tasks, I made sure to log the average hours it takes to complete them all. That way my managers could clearly see how many hours I work (on average) and how many things I can pack into those work hours.

At first, I thought that maybe I didn’t really do that much. I thought that maybe I really shouldn’t be getting a raise because I didn’t deserve it. That was before I started writing my worklist.

After looking at all my responsibilities, I’d say that that I definitely deserve the moolah lol.

When I went into the meeting, I was nervous, but I had the facts. I went in with confidence and hot dog! did it turn out better than I thought.

In the end I got a raise, and instead of getting paid hourly I will earn a salary. I actually like the idea of this better! I will get paid for full-time hours each pay period, whether I work 40 hours or not (I definitely will :D). I don’t really have to worry about scheduling myself anymore, as I can be productive at work in my own way.

Oh, and did I mention that after my negotiation meeting my managers also decided to give me a promotion. I was upgraded from Operations Supervisor to General Manager!!!

This was a pleasant surprise and I couldn’t have been happier!

So for those of you have the opportunity to negotiate your own wages, make sure that you don’t undervalue yourself. You are a rockstar and have worked hard to be able to earn what you deserve. Make sure you come into that meeting knowing that you are a baller and that you are armed with all of the facts!

You've got this!

Karyn Elliot (General Manager)

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