Girl, we’ve been there.

You are overwhelmed and frustrated at f*ck at society, your parents, and yourself.

What not to do (*actually happened*):

Drink a bottle of red wine and start watching ‘A whole new world’ on YouTube while crying to try to ease the pain.

Clean your entire house instead

Snapchat an ex. Ya know…to distract yourself.

Eat an entire bag of brownies. Followed by 2-3 beers.

Essentially: DO. NOT. NUMB. OUT.

We know if can be incredibly painful to take stock of exactly where you are. In fact there may be raging tears of sadness and feelings of failure.

You will get through this.

What to do:

Choose a day/time when you feel your best. Are you a morning person? Do it then. Night hawk…girl you got dis.

Turn on Self Control on your computer. Aim to eliminate the distraction and temptation of Buzzfeed and Jenna Marbles.

Breathe. You will get through this.

What to do when you get the truth.

It could actually be not that bad! PARTY!

You could be EXTREMELY ANGRY. I strongly suggest finding the nearest pillow and screaming into it as well as punching it until you feel better. Seriously.

Cry. Do not hold onto these emotions. I have had many epic meltdowns that involved my tears ducts just saying ‘we’re breaking up.’

Once the emotions are out.

Start small.

Choose one area to focus on.

Maybe you noticed that you buy a fancy coffee everyday on your visa bill and it’s completely racking up.

Choose to make your coffee at home for ONE DAY a week and put the $5.00 in a jar.

Apps like LIFT or PINE can help you build the habit.

You can do this. Let us know how it goes in the comments below or email us your story at momoneymoprogress@gmail.com

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