Where the Heck Did My Money Go? 💸Karyn's 30 Day February Challenge


My challenge this month kind of morphed on its own. Originally, I wanted to figure out how much money I should be saving each month to be able to pay off my student debt in the the next two years. Instead it changed to just figuring out where the heck my money went.

What I did was definitely a no-brainer, but I had just been putting it off for so long that it became a serious chore. All I did was go through my online bank statement (as I use debit and credit cards for 99.999% of the things that I buy) and put all my purchases into categories.

I then compared it to how much money I made that month and see if I came out on top.

The end result was that I wasn’t really saving anything.

All I was doing was spending so much money on things that I didn’t need (for example, eating at restaurants cost me almost $300 a month) and saving diddly squat!

If I want to pay of my student debt by 2020 I have to get serious about this financial thing ASAP! This was a definite wake-up call.

My life has travelled from one end of the spectrum to the other in such a short period of time: I used to be so good managing my finances but I have just pushed that side of myself away and become hyper-focused about work, instead.

If I want to have a future without my horrendous student debt looming over me (and I do!), I have to get working on it right away.

So look out March because I’m coming atchu with a serious game plan and a butt-kicking attitude to boot!

Let’s do it!

Karyn Elliot

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